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In Ecclesiastes, Solomon’s bride is saying that love is equally as strong as death but because no one can stop the love of a person in his or her heart towards another, it’s strong like death. What she is saying is that she wants Solomon’s love to be strong like death. She is asking Solomon to place her like a seal over his heart or like a seal on his arm. King Solomon, despite his problems was a very godly man. Jesus on the other hand was God incarnate and live a perfect life; giving His very human life up freely because He, God LOVES US, made in His image so very much. The Bible tells us in John 15:13, “NO ONE CAN GAVE GREATER LOVE THAN TO GIVE HIS LIFE FOR HIS FRIENDS.” Jesus defeated death by His love towards you and me on the Cross. The bottom line is that God’s love toward you is stronger than any of these things listed in Romans 8:38, meaning everything, including DEATH. Here is my challenge to you: Go into your Bible concordance which you can find at the very end of your Bible and look up the word or words LOVE or GOD’S LOVE. Make a list of those verses and write or type them out or at least 5 of them that you feel speak to God’s LOVE and pray over them within the context of asking the Lord to show you that His LOVE is more powerful than even death. From there, sit still and see the Word of God and the Holy spirit change your life and view of human death in light of God’s eternal LOVE and LIFE. If you do that, God will use that to begin to transform your fear of DEATH from an intense FEAR to a less intense FEAR as you see that God’s LOVE and ETERNAL LIFE are far more powerful than human death. VIEW MORE HERE:

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